Patient Education

Brea teaches flossing

Teaching proper flossing techniques

At Lima Dental, we strongly value the role of education in dental health and wellness. From our hygienists to our doctors, you’ll find that our staff is interested in sharing important prevention and hygiene information with you. We encourage families to begin teaching and practicing prevention and good oral hygiene habits early with their children. It’s one of the reasons we started the Kids Club. We also participate in various community dental education outreach efforts.

Patients may also wish to tune in on Saturday mornings to the WLIO Saturday TODAY Show beginning at 7AM, and see Dr. Risolvato in the Today’s Professional segments. You can learn more about everything from periodontal disease and its potential influence on heart disease, to detailed information about implants, how to get your kids brushing properly and more.

Please browse our library of dental conditions associated with your teeth and gums for more information, or contact us if you have additional questions.