Kids Club

Sparkle! Our Kids Club tooth fairy

Keep Smiling Kids!

As a patient at Lima Dental Associates, your child is automatically entitled to membership in our Kids Club for free! Your child will receive healthy and fun benefits, while you receive an automatic 10% off all of your child’s dental treatments until through are age 12.

Why would we do this? The answer is because we care about your family’s dental health and because we care about dental health and education in general. We also want to do our part to help ensure that preventative maintenance and treatment are more affordable and accessible for our loyal patients.

lunch bags

Our Kids Club Kick-Off Party

Here are a few of the free benefits that your youngster will receive:

  • A goody bag with sample toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss, along with a coloring book about visiting the dentist, regular brushing charts and more;
  • A Kids Club membership card;
  • Invitations to our special, free Kids Club events;
  • Dental care, prevention tips and guidance.


Please note: our Kids Club has no cash or credit value.