NYU Lutheran Health System Dental Residency Program

March 23, 2017

A few years back, Dr. Risolvato began the Ohio Project, in which our company gets the privilege to work with Ohio State Dental Students. With that program up and running strong, Dr. Erik continued his goal of being part of even more educational opportunities.  Lima Dental Associates and Lima Community Dental are currently associated with NYU Lutheran Health System. We are currently training 2 general practice residents through this program. These residents are graduate dentists who are completing their training in general dentistry. All work is completed under the supervision of Dr. Fleming, Dr. Ollom, Dr. Crowley, and Dr. Shankland. It is a pure joy to work with these young doctors!
We are happy to have the opportunity to work with these young residents and are excited for their futures. We also look forward to many more years with NYU Lutheran Health System and the many residents to come!

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